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Enter to WIN a Suunto Ambit3 Vertical! MSRP $645


Enter to WIN a Suunto Ambit3 Vertical! MSRP $645

World Vertical Week is coming, are you ready?

From February 15th - 21st Suunto is hosting World Vertical Week, in conjunction with the official launch of the new Ambit3 Vertical watch. Check out full specs on the new Vertical here. First thing you'll notice is the lack of the bump on the wrist strap, that's right, all antenna are now fully internal and the wrist will only see a silky smooth silicone strap. Honestly, most comfortable GPS watch I've ever had on my wrist! I may never take this thing off :) Colours available include white, black, lime and blue.

But enough with that, how can you WIN one of these bad boys!?

This particular contest is only open to Canadian residents, so first and foremost ensure your Movescount and Suunto Movescount App settings are up to date and list you as a proud Canuck.

Don't have Movescount? No problem. Don't own a Suunto watch yet? No problem.

Here's how to enter the contest, all the while helping Canada accrue vertical in the World Vertical Week challenge from Feb 15th - 21st.

It's easy, ready;

1) Join Movescount.

2) Record a workout via the Movescount App for smartphone, or via your Suunto watch if you already own one.

3) Share a Suunto Movie of your workout. Never done this before? It's very straightforward and a SUPER FUN feature!

4) Use this hashtag while posting your workout #SuuntoVerticalCanada

5) Stand back and wait for the draw. 

Please do log as much vertical as you can next week to help Canada pump up their totals vs other nations. All human powered activities count, including running, biking, skiing (no lifts), mountaineering, hiking, etc, etc. So GET OUT and HAVE SOME FUN!

Go Canada Go!