How is it possible that we are not even into the full swing of our 2007 race season when we have to start looking at applying for races in 2008!

Check out the latest update from Primal Quest...they are promising to return again in 2008 at an undisclosed U.S. guess is Alaska or Hawaii, as they have gone through California in 02, Colorado in 03, Washington in 04 and into the Utah desert in 06...we'll have to wait and see I guess.

They are apparently accepting applications as of July 1st! Team Helly Hansen/MOMAR was giving serious consideration to competing in the Adventure Racing World Championships in Brazil next the dilemma, which race holds more prestige, which will have the stronger field...and which will be more affordable. All questions that I would prefer to leave until September to look at.
Once this sport grabs a hold of your life, you are a goner!!