Tried running again today and felt calf pain like I haven't experienced in weeks. I only made it 35 minutes and then walked home, super bummed and disappointed, but I have a friend in town and we went to the Vancouver International Mountain Film Fest tonight, so still a good day! I want to climb Everest...just gotta find the money to do so!

We got up ski touring on Tuesday for a total of six hours, and today did a one hour skate ski in The Callahan Valley before I tested out my calves on the run.

I am left wondering if getting the IMS on Monday, just days before a race, was a mistake, or if I pushed too hard in the days following the treatment? All I know is that I feel like I've taken a step back and that's tough to deal with. Gonna sleep in tomorrow and hope that the extra zzz will help with the recovery. I went to town on the calves with 'The Stick' tonight and am still holding out hope that I can race the Dirty Duo on Saturday.