Another very positive day today with a solid 2hr run, fully pain free, including hills, and I even decided to push myself a little. I thought I may have felt my calf a few times, but it was so minor that in the end I think I was imagining it.

This was the first time in a full month that I ran anything other than the completely flat 'Squamish Spit' (with my three previous running attempts being there), and at just 2hr in length it ended up being the longest run I have done since Jan 1st! WOW, I've got some serious work to do in the next four weeks of training for the Miwok 100k in San Fran. Having said that though, I am currently seven pounds lighter than I was at my race weight of 2007 and am still looking to trim off a few pounds before Miwok. I know I've lost out on some critical mileage in the last four weeks, so I might as well try to 'lighten up' a little and make the running as easy as it could possibly be over a distance of 100km.

I truly feel like I am fitter than ever, but after just 90min of running today I could notice how my body was tired as it has lost a lot of its specific conditioning for distance running. I'm gonna get out there and test out the legs again tomorrow...and am pretty sure that I'll head down to Bellingham for the Chuckanut 50k this weekend. I know I'll get my ass handed to me, and that I will have to approach this race with a 'feel pain and drop out' mentality, which kills me to even consider as I've never dropped before. The fact of the matter is though, Miwok means too much this year and if either of my calf muscles so much as twitch the wrong way I'll be walking back to the start finish. I'm just hoping to get a nice long run in and continue to get back on track for the rest of 08. Wish me luck!