Things are moving along nicely this week as I am back on my feet from that damn calf injury and I sincerely hope that this very blog posting will be the absolute last time I ever mention it.

So far so good as I am on pace for my first 20+hr week in as long as I can remember. Looking back, I just did not fully comprehend how much my running can fuel my entire training process and mental well being. Sure I could still bike, and for a time I thought I could also ski tour and skate ski...oh yeah, I don't think I ever took the time to blog about the fact that Ski Touring ended up being the root of all of my calf issues! It was puzzling because the tension would normally play out in high impact activities like running and snowshoeing, but it was the low impact ski touring that initially injured my legs and then kept them injured as I was heading out into the back country at least once every seven days. Anyways, now that I managed to figure that out, and have unfortunately removed this from my training regime, at least for the time being, my legs have been on the fast track to recovery.

I logged a good brick workout yesterday (back to back multi sport) and it felt great! I was in Vancouver for the day and initally visiting the best sport lights company in the world, Princeton Tec, and had packed along my bike and running shoes. After a 2.5hr ride on The North Shore I quickly transitioned out of my car and headed out for a 1hr run. Nothing too huge, but one step at a time here as I am still not quite 100%. Either way it's been a great few days and it only gets better as this weekend my Helly Hansen - MOMAR adventure racing teammate Todd Nowack is coming over from Victoria for a training weekend, and I finally get a chance to run with my Montrail-Mountain Hardware trail running teammates on Sunday, for the very first time none the less! A 4hr run followed by a 70k road bike back to Squamish is in the plans for Sunday, hopefully the weather cooperates!

Here's my week as planned, so far so good:

-Mon: Off (super sore from Chuckanut and limping around all day!)
-Tues: Mtn Bike 2.5hr, Run 1hr
-Wed: Mtn Bike 2.5hr, Run 1hr (back to back)
-Thurs: Gym for core 1hr, Spin Trainer 1h15m (power intervals)
-Fri: Run 2hr
-Sat: Mtn Bike 4hr
-Sun: Run 4hr, Road Ride 2.5hr

Total Hours: 21h45m

Damn it feels good to be back!!