Is it too repetitive to blog about how much I love where I live? Is it too obnoxious to keep speaking of the pure beauty of my B.C. backyard? Is it too much to ask for a God Damn day of sunshine on my days off of work?!!

FINALLY, after having nothing but rain and cloud on my days off of work for the last few weeks, only to be stuck AT work during our back to back impeccable weekends of sun and heat, I got my day today!

I had a buddy down from Whistler and after I logged a 1hr, 13km run to start the day we headed out on the mtn bikes for 3hr. After some significant climbing we decided to descend a trail called 'Severed Dick'! My riding partner Chris asked why it was called S.D. and proceeded to figure it out all by himself within a few hundred meters. Riding with Chris was great because he's more of a downhill guy, and quite simply I would not have ridden half the terrain I did today without him pushing me along. It felt incredible to be clearing log rides and steep drops that were most certainly a step above what I have ridden to date. Lots of hooting and hollering in celebration by both of us out there today!

From here Chris was off to dinner with his girlfriend and I was off to kayak with some friends. I arrived in Deep Cove a few minutes early and decided to log a second run of 7km over 40min on the steep Baden Powell terrain before hopping in the boat. I paddled a double Passat with my friend Jackie as I was once again subscribing to the notion that if I can't win these kayak races, I might as well look as good as possible while I'm out there! It was Jackie's first official paddling race and we ended up doing pretty well for ourselves against the double kayaks, we even had a few surf skis drafting us towards the end of the 1hr paddle. As always the kayak races are followed up with beers and food, which put an end to a perfect day of training...umm playing, for me, and I even got a bit of a suntan...finally!