HOOOLY, just five days until Todd and I, of team Helly Hansen-MOMAR, toe the line at the second annual B.C. Bike Race! It's taken me some time to get my head around the fact that as of this coming Saturday, I'm off on a week long journey through some of the sweetest mountain bike trails in the world!

We'll cover just under 600km of terrain in a seven day stage race, with a camper's village type set up in a different town at the end of each day...SWEET! After trying to rip each others lungs out for 4-6hr we get to sit down and enjoy some eats and treats with our fellow racers, compliments of the race organization. In fact they truly take care of everything, from transport between towns, to breakfasts, dinners and a campers village, it's all included in the race fee! They also have mechanics and massage on hand after each day, for a nominal fee. Rumor has it that our racer packages have been spiced up by the big name sponsors, and last I heard a set of branded BCBR handlebars, bike tool, and sunglasses were just a few of the items we are to expect! I LOVE free shit!

It should be an incredible event with over 400 riders from around the globe signed up and ready to go. Although Todd and I didn't fare so well two weekends ago at The Test Of Metal, he has since resolved his bike issues and my injuries are healing up decently well. The finger should not be an issue, but the quad was much worse than any of us first realized. I've since had three acupuncture sessions, with a fourth scheduled for tomorrow evening, and I am also getting ultrasound treatment over the next five days to help loosen up the remaining tightness and bruising that remains. I haven't been able to ride since The Test, but I think the rest and recovery has done me good and hopefully come Saturday Todd and I will have all of our bike issues for the season behind us in one fell swoop from our previous race.

Bring on "The ultimate singletrack experience!" Even if you are never intending to partake in an event like this, you should hit up the B.C. Bike Race website and check it all out, it's pretty incredible. Just scroll through these pics from last year!!