"Primal Quest Race Management has made the decision NOT to prohibit the use of GPS units in PQ Montana. This decision was made due to the fact that the course still has a great deal of snow covering trail and road markings, and we need to ensure that competitors do not wander into avalanche and cornice hazard areas."

My personal opinion? I don't believe this is best solution to the safety issues they are facing and I am thankful that my team did not drop $12,000.00 to do an event that will essentially end up as a glorified, off road triathlon. This is not to take away from the sport of triathlon, or the incredible efforts it will take each team to complete PQ Montana. This is simply not in line with what the sport of Adventure Racing was founded on and I truly hope we do not see any future events trying to mimic what PQ has decided to go with this year. I feel bad for many of my friends who are competing in this event, as they have just had their advantages of time tested experience and map expertise ripped out from under them. The GPS tracking will certainly loose some luster as everyone follows the exact same line of travel for 800km!