The x-rays at the hospital told me nothing crazy had happened to my abdomen or hip and that I would recover in due time. My blood work however opened my eyes to a few things that may have explained my perceived lack of recovery throughout the race.

Five days after my fall and my hemoglobin was down over 30 points from my normal baseline! They Dr. insisted that I return the following day to ensure that I was not still suffering from internal bleeding.

It was two days before I could get back in and have my blood work duplicated and in that time my numbers came up twenty points, which was a very good sign.

I headed up to Whistler to check out the closing ceremonies and catch up with everyone involved in the incredible organization that is BC Bike Race. Once again, special thanks to Bryan Tasaka, Marc Campbell, Dean Payne and all the volleys and people that made this event go off without a hitch. It was truly a traveling road show and quite the sight to behold.

To give you just one example of the logistics involved with such a race. Day four was our 4:30am wake up call to board two bus rides and two ferry crossings. BC Ferries employed a staff member, full time, for eight months to ensure that that specific day, with all it's logistical challenges went off without a hitch! Eight months!!

Anyways, as disappointed as I still find myself in the overall outcome of this event, I can't help but smile when I do recall each day of racing that I managed to complete. As mentioned BCBR was truly an education for me in terms of how different a staged, bike specific race is to a full length expedition adventure race. I was blown away by the level of competition, the professionalism of the event, and the grandeur of the race course itself. The countdown really is already in place for the 09 version of this race...and I might even learn how to ride...make that race an actual mtn bike before showing up next time!

This came to me while out walking my dog tonight:

"Embrace your biggest disappointments, build on your greatest accomplishments. Keep your head held high, and you can not help but move forward."