(Yeah, my butt is weak!)

K,I'm not totally ducking the blogging world, just honestly been so damn busy over the last few weeks that I haven't had time to think, which isn't a strong point anyways. I just caught up on fourteen days of laundry last night...not pretty, but it did garner me plenty of room during my trail runs!

Finally got a diagnosis regarding my current knee issues. As it turns out, appears that my Glute Med muscle is way under developed and I have been relying on my secondary muscles to propel me while running. I guess the 100 miler finally put the nail in the coffin of my glutes and the fatigue has since played itself out into a knee pain suffered through my IT Band. Runner jargon to simply say my butt wasn't firing like it should be so my knee started to hurt!

It feels great to get a proper diagnosis and at least know what I am dealing with. Sounds like with some simple strengthening exercises I should be back on top of things in the near future. I even got clearance to race the Cle Elum 50k trail race this coming weekend, which I was fearing I might have to skip out on. The Dr. basically left it up to my own judgement, which is never a good thing. I'll definitely head down as Jackie is also registered, and will take it as it comes through the rest of the week. I originally had aspirations of shooting for William Emerson's eight year old record of 4h17min, but this may end up being a training run or scenic tour for me at this point.

I have truly had a phenominal two weeks, topped off by a 'family reunion' at an Aunt's wedding on Vancouver Island a few weeks ago. My immediate family was not there, but I did get to catch up with many Aunts and Uncles that I had not seen in over two decades! I truly have an amazing family and the highlight for me was dancing with my 82 year old Grandmother who I had not seen since 2001. She had more energy then the rest of us combined!

Jackie and I hit up a hike/run to Wedgemont Lake in Whistler two days later. (16km return) We ran into into trail running speedster Aaron Heidt who was out for a hike with his wife Lisa and, I'm guessing here, eight month old(?) son Simon. I am always inspired when I see friends who are able to truly allow their children to enhance their lives and not to hinder them...does that sound harsh? I just don't think having a child should ever stop you from doing the things you love and seeing people out in the mtn's with their kids is really something special. Little Simon's eyes were full of wonder and amazement as he tried to take it all in and it goes without saying that the kid will be a better rounded individual than the boy next door who grows up playing X-Box Fifteen or whatever version they happen to be on now?

I have been able to run, but nothing over about 17km in length before my knee starts to shut down on me. Hopefully by flexing my ass a bit more I can change that pretty quickly though!