Mountain Masochist quick cap:

I managed to snag a 2nd place finish here in Virginia today, and am Western bound for 09 baby!!

I know I had some Lady Luck on my side because there was just no way that I could match Eric Grossman, Zach Miller, and Lon Freeman's pace up front. After moving into 4th place however I kept telling myself that one of them would crack as they were blazing it up there. I had no choice really, I would have ended up with a DNF myself had I tried to make up the gap they had on me. I actually verbally told myself that one person would drop, and that if I could just maintain my position then I might be able to sneak out a 3rd place finish.

What I did not expect, and could not believe, was that two of them dropped!! I moved into 2nd place without having passed anyone and just tried to stay calm and to keep my gap over 3rd.

I suffered immensely in the mid portion of this race and was amazed that I was not caught for 2nd and 3rd place. In the end I ended up finishing in 7h22m47s, Eric Grossman cruised in for a 7h08m48s overall win and local runner Jeremy Ramsey finished third in 7h31m44s.


Off to grab a shower, some eats and some drinks. I then intend to burn my running clothes and will run next to nothing for a full two months. It's been a very long year and I needs a break baby!

Canes vs Leafs tomorrow and home on Monday night. What a weekend!!