Off The Website:
TransRockies – the best organized and most rewarding team endurance events in the world. With participant satisfaction ratings consistently over 90 percent, TransRockies events are the benchmark for accessible, challenging and rewarding epic endeavours.

I have had numerous friends compete in both of these events over the years and all would agree that no matter which race you pursue, it makes for one incredible and unforgettable week long racing experience!

North Shore Ahtletics (the people who sign my paycheques) have recently jumped on board as an associate sponsor of TR, and with that comes the very cool benefit of being able to extend 100.00 discounts on any and all entries that go through us. Whether we have met or not, this offer is open to everyone. All you have to do is simply drop me a line and I will pass along the promo code that you would enter during your initial registration. You will still only need to pay your deposit up front and the 100.00 will come off of your later payments.

I am also exceptionally excited to announce that I will be racing TR Run in 09 myself! My teammate will be local runner Tamsin Anstey, and we are hoping to shoot for the podium in the co-ed division. Tamsin has a pretty solid resume, having only moved back to North Vancouver in the last few years. She ran on a scholarship in Florida throughout Uni, competing in 400m hurdles and eventually the 1500 if I am not mistaken. Since her return to BC she has won most, if not all of the trail races she has entered, and also managed to snag 2nd overall at the Canadian National Duathlon Championships...having purchased her first ever bike just six months prior! Not to mention that she had the absolute worst transitions in the entire race, and only lost by just over one minute!

Yup, I'm buying a tow rope and holding on for the ride! It's all about finding stronger teammates to pull you along!!

My personal post racing update. I've gained eight pounds, which I'm very proud of! That brings me back up to my racing weight of 161 in 2007, so it ain't that bad. I have limited the weight gain to just eight pounds though and have been logging semi-regular runs, with no pressure or thought process about time or distance. I've logged 35km in two runs so far this week, with last weeks total being 65km, the week prior just 25k, and the second week out from Mtn Mas consisted of just 40k.

I'm giving some serious thought to dusting off the ole road bike and seeing if it still works tomorrow dependent of course!

That's it, now sign up for Trans Rockies so we can race against each other!!


P.S. Almost forgot, BIG CONGRATS to MO for making it through her first ever half marathon and meeting all of her race goals in the process!