It's never easy to say goodbye, especially when you have shared so much, and known each other most of your lives. This past week I had to do just that.

I will miss you. You were there for me in good times, and in bad. Way back in High School when I got stood up one Friday night, I turned to you instead of my parents, and without question you were there for me.

When I moved from Newfoundland to Banff in 1996, you followed me shortly thereafter. It was like we were never apart, as close as two could be. There were countless nights where we chose not to sleep at all, distracting ourselves till the wee hours of the morning light. Making me late for work on more than one occasion, as time just seemed to evaporate while we were together.

Even when I ventured overseas to Australia and New Zealand in 2000, you were never far from me. I knew I could always turn to you for anything, for you never once judged me, never once questioned who I was. You witnessed and appreciated my full spectrum of emotions. From screams of joy, to tears of sorrow, in fact when it felt like the world was ending on 9-11, I immediately ran to you. We spent the entire day together that day, wondering what the aftermath would be.

We truly did share everything together, you even cheered for my Oilers on their way to The Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, while most around me laughed at the possibility of the underdogs continually winning round after round.

It's been decades since we've met and I can not say that you have ever done me wrong. I knew full well what to expect from you each and every time. You never once tried to be something you were not, and I hardly know a soul that does not love you as much as I did...but sometimes people does the saying go, "It's not you, it's me", I know you will find this hard to believe, and even harder to accept, but I promise I will not miss you, I promise I will get over you quickly and think of you less with each passing day...

GOODBYE STUPID BLACK BOX OF DISTRACTION, GOODBYE!! I have a little thing called life that I am currently pursuing. I sometimes feel like I need twenty eight hours in a day to come close to what I would like to accomplish, at least by getting rid of my t.v. I know I will once again have twenty four hours to work with.

As the new 'Sharp' t.v. commercial proclaims, "Change your television, change your life." I'm doing just that 'Sharp', and thanks for reminding me day after day until I finally sucked it up and 'killed my television'. (no televisions were hurt in the making of this blog posting, please do try at home)