This will be short and sweet, although maybe short on the sweetness, or sweet in its shortness, or shortless and snorting...pick one of the above and lets roll with it...

50k Sundays. Today was another 50k training day for me (140k this week) and they have been going quite well, and dare I say it, are even starting to get easier. In Jan I ran a 50k in three of four weeks, and all up I logged just under 450km of running which I am pretty sure is a monthly record for me...mostly due to the fact that I only started focusing on run specific training in July of last year, and my mileage thereafter was dictated by the level of injury or soreness I was suffering from. Although I am quite happy with a solid Jan of training, and hoping to build upon it through the coming months, my 450k is still only about as much mileage as 'this guy' logs in ten - eleven days of training! Thankfully I have yet to see anyone else who can handle the miles like 'that guy' (over 8,000km in eight months of running last year...yes this is correct, over 1000km a month while healthy!!), and all up I am just thankful to be feeling better by months end then when it commenced.

I managed to grab an entry into the Orcas Island 50k down in Washington State just before it sold out, and together with about ten others we are heading down on Friday night. It sounds like quite the experience, where two nights accom are included in the race fee of just $55.00! Apparently it's gonna be a bit like summer camp...just without the summer.

On the starting line will be a few true speedsters, namely
-Adam Lint:
3rd Overall: USA Track & Field 50K National Championship
3rd Overall: USA Track & Field 100K National Championship
2nd Overall: USA Track & Field 50 Mile Trail National Championship

-Topher Gaylord, who I was attempting to chase down for 7th during Miwok last year before I decided to take the scenic route at km 75
-and, Brian Morrison, although it sounds like Brian lost some of his fire after Western was canceled last season he is most certainly always a player

Hopefully the race goes well, but out side of 'The Big One' on June 27th nothing else really matters and no race will dictate my training hours otherwise.

On a closing note, good friend and experienced MOMAR racer Sandra Borton recently received some HUGE news:
A 26-year old Adventure Tourism student at Thompson Rivers University is one of a select few students from around the world chosen to set sail for Antarctica next month, on a 17-day ship-based field course to learn about environmental issues, climate change and polar tourism. Follow this link for more info. She is in need of sponsors and donations to help off set the $13,000 in fees associated with this massive undertaking. Please pass along to anyone else who might be interested or able to help out!

Since I have no picture from today, I will close with this classic from Canadian born clothing brand 'Lululemon'