It is my absolute pleasure to be able to offer up a free Mind Over Mountain Adventure Racing entry right here on this blog. Race Director Bryan Tasaka has graciously donated one full individual entry for the Squamish race on May 23rd, valued at $130!! This freebie includes your race entry, swag bag, a killer after party, and a sweet, one of a kind, MOMAR cotton T!! This also happens to be a fully transferable entry, so if you have already dropped the coin for this race you can now bring a friend along with you! The only stipulation we are putting on this is that we will not honor this entry if you attempt to ramdomly sell it for a profit.

So that brings us to the rules of play. Bryan and I are gonna make ya work for it just a little bit this time. Since I'm currently recovering from my first night of drinking here in Germany I am going to leave this posting up until next Wed night. Anyone who drops a comment here will be automatically entered into the draw (no Colin, it is not one entry per comment!)

Next Thursday March 19th (my Mother's B.Day in case you were wondering!) I will draw five random names from the list of comments. The following day, Friday March 20th, at EXACTLY 6pm PST, it's game on for those five people! I will post a short series of questions regarding the MOMAR, and you will have to do some research via The MOMAR website to gather the answers. The first of these five to answer all questions correctly will walk away with the prize package! Once these questions 'go live' the five people vying for The MOMAR entry are allowed as many attempts as it takes at the answers. So basically if you are the first one to respond, but you happen to notice that you had one answer incorrect, then you can follow up right away with your next attempt. I am simply going to scroll down until I find the first entry with all the right answers. Now that that's as clear as mud, I'm off to work on my next hangover!

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, to help sweeten the pot just a bit more, if you happen to be traveling in from out of town I can also add a free nights accomodation, for you and your travel partner. Your Friday night will be spent at the luxurious five star Chateau Robbins! This is an all inclusive time share located in tropical North Vancouver, just 45min from The MOMAR starting line. You will be treated to a couch or love seat of your choice, all the tequila you can drink, endless hours of 'tug of war', and as many slobbery dog kisses as zou can handle. Now THAT'S a prize package!

Good luck...PROST!