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(Roxy and I, with 'The Lion's' behind us. Still lots of snow up top!)

Great morning today, on only 5hr sleep, as it seems no matter how tired I am I can never quite get myself to hit the hay before midnight?

Lisa. P, as always, was right on time and we heading out to run to the top of Grouse Mountain and back. Our 6am start meant we were on top of the world staring down at Vancouver before 8am...quite the beginning to a day:)
(Looking down on West Van from the top of Grouse)
(Roxy got jealous!)

I was surprised at how my legs held up on the climb and even more impressed with how they handled the 1h10m descent. All in all another great day in one of the best places in Canada! As April fades into May it is hard to believe how nice the weather was these last four weeks. Growing up in Newfoundland I feel like summer should be coming to a close after seeing the beginnings of an actual suntan!
(I LOVE my GPS watch!)

Thankfully, the best still is yet to come...on so many levels!