Melcher finally paid someone smarter than himself to download the pics n vid to a c.d. for me today. I got my hands on it at 9pm and should have been asleep hours ago. With my new laptop however, there is a GREAT video editing program and once I started I could not stop! Here's the final edit. This is my first attempt at a vid in a long, long, time but I am very happy with the end product:) I would like to get more of these put together to encapsulate future adventures and hopefully they will get better with each additional attempt.

Coincidentally enough, ultra-runner/athlete Matt Hart just put together a SWEET vid the really captures the spirit of ultra running. He is doing a presentation about the sport, with fellow Montrail athlete Sean Meissner at The Mountain Hardwear Store in Seattle on May 13th...umm, I guess that's today isn't it...damn I need sleep...