With Western States just days away it's time to give my light sponsor, Princeton Tec some well deserved love!

During Stormy last year I used my Apex light for the night section, which due to a noon start time was the entire second 50 mile lap, and I also carried along an Impact XL to help with the low level lighting. This combo allowed me to charge through the very technical sections of the race without issue. I am honestly amazed at how many runners in these 100 mile and overnight running races seem satisfied with a small 'AAA' battery type light. The argument of weight is always brought up and all I have to say to them is this:

-You can't even feel the weight of the 'AAAA' Apex upon your head, and if you want to 'jog' trails at night with your low beam lights on, I'll gladly continue my 'running' with my high beam lights shining brightly upon the trail! You CAN NOT RUN what you CAN NOT SEE, and whether you choose the Apex or another equivalent, a 'AAA' light just does not even compare!

At just 279 grams and sporting a THREE WATT Maxbright LED, along with FOUR ULTRABRIGHT LEDs, you won't find a better light for under 100 bucks!

For Western States I'll be rocking the Apex and Amp 4 combo...although with a 5am starting time I'll be doing everything in my power to limit exactly how much nighttime running I need to tackle for this one:)

Funny side story here, I was out on a night run about a month back and came across a night rescue up on Grouse Mountain. The local North Shore Search And Rescue Team were out in full effect, and decked out from head to toe...and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was sporting the Princeton Tec Apex as they were dragging an injured hiker down the mtn...and NO they are not sponsored by P.T.!

Anyways, here's your shot winning one of my favorite lights of all time, and I'll even give you the choice of going with the straight up

-Apex MSRP $85

or the belt/backpack version of this light, the

-Apex Extreme MSRP $90

All you have to do is drop your name in the comments section before the start of Next Saturday's Western States 100, and I will draw one lucky winner shortly after I regain control of my bodily functions!

Oh yeah, here's a link to a fun Pre-Western interview done by Bryan Tasaka over on The MOMAR BLOG