If you've been a follower of this blog for about a year, a) thank you, and b) you've seen this before.

It's that time of year again, my great sponsors over at Princeton Tec have very graciously donated an Apex lighting system for me to draw for right here on my blog!!

Like last year all you have to do to enter is to simply leave a comment on this specific posting. You don't need to say anything other than to leave your name. If you'd like to say more and find yourself short for words you can just copy and post this and I'll be fine with it: "Dear Gary, I love you dearly and would like to have your babies."

Last year we had a whooping 55 individual entries! I guess this is also my way of finding out if I've managed to grow this blog or slowly kill it along the way??

I've been using this exact light for three full seasons now and have had nothing but success with it. Here's a link to the specific specs, 130 Lumens goes a LONG ways, quite literally, towards successful nighttime running!

In case you didn't partake last year, here's the video that details my impartial selection process...oh yeah, and I take care of the shipping, so this is of ZERO cost to you. I promise I won't have you fill out a survey, register an account somewhere, or get tricked into having my babies!