Back in January while racing the HURT 100 miler in Hawaii I met a guy by the name of Ken Michal.

During the race itself this guy had a completely infectious energy about him and he seemed to know each and every person by name. Every time I saw him he was smiling from ear to ear and laughing out loud. He was stopping to give people encouragement hugs during the actual race, and in the end he claimed a coveted 100km belt buckle.

We chatted a bit after the race and exchanged e-mails. At the time I had no idea that Ken was a bit of a celebrity within the scene as he hosts his own program called 'Running Stupid'!

When he shot me an e-mail and asked if I'd be interested in an interview I was fully flattered and I jumped at the opportunity.

It was just posted on Thursday and Ken tells me it's been getting good 'download numbers' so far, so at least it wasn't a waste of his time!

You can either stream it via this link, or find it under 'Running Stupid' in iTunes itself, which you could then download to a portable device if you so choose.

Here is the link to Ken's Running Stupid website, and his Facebook page, be sure to follow along, just consider yourself warned though, if you'll become an official STUPIDHEAD!

Oh yeah, and like most things involving me and story telling, it's long. If you commute to work however, you might get through half of it on the way in and the other half on the way home...or you might need two days if you live close to work...either way, if you listen to five minutes or the whole damn thing, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again KEN!

All Day!