This is who I've decided to turn to. Mike McIvor over at Peak Centre For Human Performance has been someone I've heard about locally for years. After a brief sit down with him in early April I decided to cease self coaching for the foreseeable future, and I've handed over control to Mike.

The best part about going with someone like Mike, via a Centre like Peak, is that you have access to a full training facility. We did a VO2 Max and Lactic Threshold test to see where my fitness was at, and Mike was immediately able to tell me exactly how I had been training over the last few years.

We are going to address foot speed and climbing and when we retest in a few months time we will have full scientific data to reference. You just can't get this stuff from your average coach.

There are Peak Centre's across Canada and they have a huge list of very talented people behind the scenes. If you have any training questions yourself drop him a line at

Here's a fun video I put together from my testing with him in April...