Aight, let's get this party started! In what could likely parlay into similar voting for North American UROY, here are the candidates. As before Melcher is hosting the men's vote on his blog.

We will leave these postings up and invite comments to help fill in any blanks up until Sunday afternoon. At approximately 6pm we'll roll out a FOUR DAY POLL for UROY voting. Here are our known results for the top Canadian performers of 2010. Please take a second to review the entire list as it's in alphabetical order and no one should overlook anyone on here.

Beverly Anderson-Abbs
1st Woodside 50km (4h22m)
1st CR Pony Express 50m (6h14m)
2nd Way Too Cool 50km (4h29m)
1st Mad City 50km (3h44m)

Tracy Garneau
1st CR HURT Hawaii 100m (24h06m)
1st American River 50m (6h43m)
1st Western States 100m (19h01m)

Ellie Greenwood
1st CR Frozen Ass 52km (3h48m)
2nd Chuckanut 50km (4h19m)
1st CR/WR Elk-Beaver 100km (7h36m)
1st CR Scorced Sole 50m (7h58m)
1st CR Knee Knacker 30m (5h06m)
1st CR Canadian Death Race 125km (13h28m)
1st CR Run For The Toad 50km (3h37m)
1st World 100km Road Champs (7h29m)

Sue Lucas
22nd World 24hr Champs (197.638km)
4th Fast Trax 100km (10h48m)
1st Lost Soul 100m (28h27m)
1st Beaudry Lemming Loop 12hr (113.635km)

Laurie McGrath
1st Kingston 6hrs (41.02miles)
1st Niagara On The Lake 50km (4h15m)
1st Creemore Vertical Challenge 50km (4h51m)
1st The Limberlost Challenge 50km (6h26m)
1st Haliburton Forest 50m (8h38m)
6th Self Transcendence 24hr (93.611miles)
2nd Run For The Toad 50km (4h37m)
3rd Vulture Bait 50km (4h47m)

Theresa McGrath
9th Limberlost Challenge 50km (8h23m)
2nd Dirty Girls 12hr (51.26miles)
3rd Haliburton Forest 50m (9h42m)
1st Self Transcendence 24hr (205.629km)

Denise McHale
2nd Canadian Death Race 125km (14h54m)
8th World 100km Road Champs (7h56m)

Monica Scholtz
New World Record For Most 100's In One Year
2nd HURT Hawaii 100m (32h02m)
7th Rocky Raccoon 100m (21h38m)
2nd Lost 118m Endurance Run (28h11m)
2nd NJ 100m (19h08m)
1st McNaughton Park 100m (24h17m)
2nd Jerseyville Fat Ass 100m (20h52m)
2nd IronHorse Ultra 100m (21h10m)
2nd Keys Ultra 100m (21h07m)
4th Sulpher Springs 160km (22h48m)
3rd Old Dominion 100m (23h14m)
19th San Diego 100m (28h12m)
15th Vermont 100m (24h23m)
10th Burning River 100m (23h05m)
1st Viaduct Trail 100m (21h58m)
15th Leadville 100m (27h46m)
9th Angeles Crest 100m (29h53m)
6th Rio Del Lago 100m (23h37m)
10th Pine To Palm 100m (29h29m)
2nd Arkansas Traveler 100m (23h37m)
5th Boulder 100m (21h50m)
6th Javelina Jundred 100m (22h03m)
5th Pinhoti 100m (27h41m)
8th Mother Road 100m (24h35m)
1st Creemore Horizontal 100m (24h54m)