(June 28th, 2011)

Much like the first time I went through this, the fracture has gotten worse before it decides to get better. Yesterdays six week out x-ray is virtually identical to the six week out x-ray that I had in mid December. I'm struggling to accept what this all means, even though it's pretty clearly laid out in front of me.

-It'll be September before it's even probable for me to take two steps in succession without metallic assistance
-I knew 2011 was a wash but now my 2012 racing season will be impacted as well
-I'll end up missing out on my second straight attempt to return to The HURT 100 in Jan
-I'll spend this entire summer on crutches and at least 7 out of 10 months completely sidelined
-There are no guarantees that this will follow the exact same trajectory as the initial break and as such the new BEST case scenario is 3.5 months on crutches, or another eight weeks

This was going to be a much more composed and polished blog posting in my head but it's morphed into an emotional based release instead of a sensible assessment of the overall situation. I wanted to touch upon the frustrations associated with the complete disconnect between mind and body and how these x-rays always manage to completely blindside me, but in the end I just need to get this out, accept it, and begin to move on.

Don't take this personally, but I hope it rains on every single runner, biker and outdoor enthusiast for the next eight weeks straight (uhhh, this is meant to read as a joke, if you take it personally or seriously and feel the need to slam me for it than by all means join the party below) and that we then somehow get an Indian Summer unlike anything the Pacific Northwest has ever seen before. I'm totally fine without the racing, but if I do not get at least one adventure hike/run to a mountain summit before the snow starts to fly again I may just lose my mind.

PS: Do me ONE FAVOR if you feel inclined to leave a comment. Please don't make it one of sympathy or pep talk based, as I'm way beyond that side of this already. I greatly appreciate people taking the time to leave a comment at all, but may I respectfully request the following or nothing: A link to something that's funny or entertaining. Whether that's a story, a video, a picture, a personal blog posting or whatever. If it's made you laugh or smile at some point than feel free to pass it along.

I'll leave it at that, and lookout HURT 2015, WS 2016, and UTMB 2017, there'll be no stopping me once I completely regrow all of my bones in a yet to be proven, properly tested (or in fact designed) exo-skeletal compression electrolyte infused infrared calcium depositor (patent pending)