Quite a while back I posted the infamous Louis C.K. clip of his appearance on Conan O'Brien (everything's amazing and nobody's happy). It was amazingly accurate and funny all at once and an instant online hit.

On Tuesday of this week a friend posted a nine minute version of this same comedian's stand-up routine, and I found myself laughing out loud while at the same time feeling quite guilty about it at times (thanks Emily). I actually love it when a comedian can do this to me, but as such I have to give the earmuffs warning on this one. If you're easily offended, skip it. If you're under age and have never in your life heard an f-bomb (or worse...much worse), get on outta here. If you take life a wee bit too seriously and like to find things to complain about, feel free, but consider yourself warned. However, If you like offensive humor and need a good laugh then click away...