One week out and things seem to be moving along quite nicely. No pain in my foot which is a great sign, and the walking with a proper aircast, calf cut boot, has been a breeze.

My recent exchange with my Dr. and yet another reason why we've worked so well together...

Me to him:
Alright, quick quiz. Scales of 1-5 with 1 being "don't even think about it" and 5 being "you shoulda done it yesterday"

Biking on Trainer: 
Road Biking: 
Elyptical Trainer: 
Water running: 
Swimming with full kicking: 
Gym workouts: 
Kick Boxing: 
Sky Diving:

Dr. Boyer to me:

OK to do if pain free: 
Gym (just no heavy pushing with feet)
Biking on trainer (in a shoe is probably OK)
Water running and full swimming

More cautious: 
Road biking (until you can control a bike pain free as cars tend to be big and dangerous)
Elliptical (again, give it a week or so and try in a shoe)

Kick boxing - seriously? 

Sky Diving - Um, no
So there you have it. Apparently my skydiving career is on hold, which might prevent me from attaining my big break, as I surely would have auditioned for the role of Johnny Utah in the unfortunate remake of the truly classic Point Break. Other than that though, I’d have to say it’s been a great first week back on my feet.

And Roxy thinks so too.