Three of my final four high volume build weeks into the Barkley Marathons are now in the books. The weather has most certainly been on my side as of late, at least in terms of it being entirely terrible day in and day out and thereby forcing me to find another level of resolve throughout this process. I'm sure I'll be thankful for these challenging training conditions come race day :)

This video is slightly longer than the first recap, as this week I delve a bit deeper into the psychological challenges that arise during the day to day repetitiveness of it all. 

Just a handful of workouts left to go, and overall things are tracking incredibly well. The goal for the final week is to not make any mistakes that could lead to injury, as was the case just one year ago when I ended up with tenosynovitis in my ankle on my absolute final training session. 

WIth 100,000ft of climbing and descent in the last 20 days, things are tracking incredibly well right now.


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