If you don't know, then you haven't watched a Ginger Runner video featuring me, I'm a huge Edmonton Oilers hockey fan and have been my entire life. #GoOilers

This posting is not about running, and it is not about the Barkley Marathons. Those will come, eventually, so if you were hoping for that it's best to move on and check back later. This is a hockey posting. This is a video compilation of a pretty magical 36hr trip I just did to Edmonton, AB last week.

Since returning from The Barkley, less than three weeks ago, I've directed the Diez Vista 50k and 100k trail races, worked through a stomach bug that sidelined me for a few days, caught up on my coaching and race directing business duties, completed what has now added up to 25 Barkley specific interviews, and flown to Edmonton, Alberta on a bit of a whim to cheer on my team in round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I am 100% dedicated towards writing a Barkley race report, and it is my hope to be able to accomplish this within the seven days.

The Edmonton Oilers were last in the playoffs in 2006, when they lost in game 7 of the finals to the Carolina Hurricanes. I actually flew to North Carolina for game 5 of that series and saw an Oilers overtime victory, and what was one of the most exciting overtime games in franchise history. The only other playoff game I've made it to was in 2001 vs the Dallas Stars, in Edmonton for game 4. This one also went to OT and again the Oilers would prevail. Could there be a theme here? Could I end up with a third OT playoff game? Could I witness the Oilers winning a critical game 5, after being blown out in San Jose just two nights earlier in game 4? Of note, I almost flew to San Jose to watch game 4, as it would have been cheaper, but decided to splurge a bit and take in game 5 in Edmonton in the brand new rink, hailed as the nicest in the entire NHL. Boy o boy did I luck out there! Game 4 was a stinker, game 5 however...

I think it's safe to say that the Edmonton Oilers should fly me in for every playoff game from here on out :)

Go Oilers! Game 1 vs Anaheim Ducks goes this evening.