First and foremost, that was an awesome response from the blogging world to the Helly Hansen Lifa giveaway. Stay tuned in the new year as I will be duplicating this initial prize draw with similar efforts from my other wonderful sponsors! Next up, a free Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race entry, valued at $125.00!! These races have been selling out for a few years now, so this will be a highly coveted entry indeed! The MOMAR entry may end up being a little harder to win then just leaving a comment though, so you'll have to wait and see what Bryan Tasaka and I scheme up for that one in the New Year...

AND THE WINNER IS...Pano. Congrats Pano, I'm sure you'll put the shirt through its paces. Just drop me a line via e-mail at and we can figure out the details. Pano has a website called Train Harder which is a great resource for the BC Athletic community as it brings together the many different people and facets of our 'local' racing community, check it out.

Now, of course not a single person could help but notice that wonderful story from MO, the girl who Jackie, Roxy, and I met at Cle Elum back in Sept. I am absolutely honored to be a part of her running story, and must thank you MO for taking the time to share that with me, it truly made my day when I read it! There is no doubt that if this were not a random draw, then the Helly Hansen Lifa Top would have been given to you straight away.

To thank you for sharing your story, and to help out as best I can, I have managed to put together a little package from Helly Hansen and North Shore Athletics that should ensure that you won't be borrowing any tops anytime soon. Please drop me a line as well, at the above e-mail, and I can get that in the mail for you as soon as possible...maybe even in time for next weekend's Seattle Half Marathon. Good luck in your first half marathon MO!!

Thanks again everyone, it's really cool to see so many people hitting up my blog!