As many of you may have noticed, my blog has recently been void of that bright red HELLY HANSEN logo that glistened in the top right corner of my home page for the last few years. I will go into more detail in the near future as to why that is, but basically, as you may or may not have noticed, ever since my DNF at BC Bike Race back in July, I've kinda been running a lot and biking very little. 2009 will effectively be a year of ultra running for me with my only adventure races being both MOMAR events. The reason for this starts at finances, and works its way down to a belief that I can truly excel at ultra specific racing if I am able to dedicate myself to it 110% like I have never been able to before. Western 09 will be the most competitive 100 miler ever run and I fully intend to have my name as high in those standings as I am physically capable of achieving.

Why is HH gone then?

Well, I picked up Montrail-Mountain Hardware as a sponsor heading into 2008 and was able to distinguish the M-MH sponsorship for ultra running and the HH for adventure racing. However I felt there was a bit of a conflict of interest but was able to separate them effectively throughout the year. Now that my focus will be solely on ultra running this is no longer the case. To celebrate two solid years of sponsorship from the great brand that is Helly Hansen I have been given permission to give away one FREE Helly Hansen 'Cool' Lifa Long Sleeve Shirt. I have, and will continue to, race in these shirts for years to come as they are one of the leaders in the industry in terms of breathability and water repellancy.

All you have to do to have a shot at this free top, valued at up to $60.00, is to throw a comment up onto my blog posting. Whether you say something of substance or post a simple 'YO', it's all good. In one weeks time I will draw one name from those who post a comment and award the free technical performance top to that individual. I will go out on a limb here and say that those are gonna be pretty good odds at winning a 'cool' HH shirt!

Good luck!