And The MOMAR FREE entry winner is: 'King Arthur'

Congrats Arthur!! Lin was first in, but unfortunately he overlooked the second part of the first question, "the locations of both races"

I just got back from the Chuckanut 50k in Bellingham, Wash. Unfortunately I was unable to run the race as I still seem to be dealing with some lingering issues from The Dirty Duo. Funny enough, I briefly spoke with Arthur down there this afternoon, but had no idea who had won the entry at that point, nor did I even make the initial connection as to exactly who Arthur was...sorry Arthur, but CONGRATS on the FREE MOMAR race in May!! Drop me a line to work out the exact details,


Canadians kick some ass!

Aaron Heidt raced to the overall win and the third fastest time in Chuckanut history! He was just five seconds behind the second fastest time, and, well, over ten minutes behind the legendary Uli Steidl's course record, but that's Uli!

Aaron ran a smoking fast 3h53m54s to become just the fourth runner to eclipse the magical 4hr barrier. Greg Crowther was second, and Hal Koerner third. Montrail Canada teammate Aaron Pitt placed a solid 10th, and Ryne Melcher, torn MCL and all, finished respectably although I am unsure of his exact time and placing.

In the Women's field, Ellie Greenwood won yet another race...has she ever lost?? Ellie posted a solid time of just over 4h34m! I am sure this would put her pretty high herself in the overall female historical times, but don't have the time or energy to figure that out myself right now! Montrail Canada teammates Lisa Polizzi and Cheryl Beattie finished 3rd and 5th respectably...and it was Lisa's first ultra since giving birth to her beautiful son Jett just eight months ago! All in all, a HIGHLY successful day for the team...I, unfortunately, was team photographer on the day. Gotta figure out this hip thing ASAP!

Special thanks to our gracious host last night, Barbara Evans, who placed an amazing 7th in just her second ever ultra! Also congrats to Daniel Probst on a Chuckanut P.R. (pictured here with Barb)