So again, the people in the running for the FREE MOMAR Squamish entry are:

-King Arthur

At least one person, K.A. noticed that I inadvertently posted the questions yesterday by mistake! I have since removed them and changed them...but as of right now Vegas is giving 2-1 odds on K.A. coming out on top here!

Oh yeah, and one more small rule that I will have to enforce. I noticed a few spelling errors in yesterdays first attempt at the answers. Since some of these could lead to the debate that 'in fact the answer is not completely correct', any misspelling of a detail within an answer, such as a team name, will thereby make that answer on that note, here are the questions...

1) What are the dates and locations of the MOMAR races in 2009?

2) What is the 'address' for The MOMAR Blog?

3) Who are the 'Community Sponsors' of The MOMAR?

4) In 2004 I did my first two adventure races. I raced as a team of two named 'The Bleeding Nipples'. Who was my race partner, and what was our OVERALL placing at both of these races?

5) What are the two distance options for the Squamish MOMAR, listed under 'Enduro' and 'Sport' courses?

There, I done it right this time! Good luck, and whoever wins, I'll see you in Squamish!