(CFA NYD 50k, as you can see not the nicest day for a run!)

I just knocked down the biggest and bestest training block of my short ultra specific training 'career'. I managed to log a full 300km in ten days of running, but the most amazing part to me is that I somehow feel great after all of it and am only slowing down now because I have HURT Hawaii 100 miler in just two short weeks!

The total distance broke down to be about 1/3 flat non-tech-road, 1/3 moderate yet challenging trail, and 1/3 highly technical mountainous climbs and descents. I covered the total distance in just under 27hr and had no major issues along the way. Other than general fatigue and some serious mental resistance on some mornings!

I stuck with a daily post run ice bath, compression socks for recovery, compression calf guards during my runs, was strict on my recovery drinks, and I slightly bumped up my daily consumption of my recover amino-power tabs.

Here's how it broke down. Oh yeah, it also helped that I had five of the ten days off due to the holidays, so free time was on my side. I also had one full week away from running due to Tamsin's hospital scare going into this block, so I was fairly fresh and determined to take advantage of my final few days of training.

Thu Dec 24th: 32km/2h40m

Fri Dec 25th: 50km/4h20m

Sat Dec 26th: 40km/4h15m

Sun Dec 27th: 15km/1h15m

Mon Dec 28th: 15km/1h25m

Tue Dec 29th: 20km/1h50m

Wed Dec 30th: 38km/3h40m

Thu Dec 31st: 10km/50m

Fri Jan 1st: 70km/5h45m

(Club Fat Ass 50k sandwiched between 10k runs to and from. Finished 4th in 3h59m)

Sat Jan 2nd: 10km/50m

Bring on my third 100 miler in less than two weeks time!! Just a heads up, I'm apparently bib number 85, lucky number Ochocinco baby!