Well it took three full weeks of running to get there, but I'm still pretty damn happy to be able to say it. The last twenty one days have consisted of 50km - 53km - 57km for a grand total of 160k or 100 miles.

Slowly but surely I'm working my way back towards the ability to cover this distance in a single day. More than anything though I'm just incredibly happy and thankful to be regularly running again.

It's not about the mileage, or the racing for that matter, it's about the simple and undeniable love of the ability to cover distances under my own steam through beautiful environments. That and that alone is what I missed most about 2011 and what I am loving the most about 2012 so far. I had a moment on a recent trail run on Orcas Island that made me realize that I desire most to be a runner for life. Competitive running will eventually fall by the wayside, and I'll be ok with that when the time comes. I am most certainly going to put everything I can into my running over the next few years, but my end goal is definitely longevity. I dream of happily and easily running distances into my 60s and 70s and I never would have had that appreciation, had I not been sidelined for so long.

I love to run, and I never want to lose that love again. I hope I am finally on the right path to achieve this long term goal.